Delivery of the Erode Tanker

A first of its kind Vacuum Tanker with simultaneous Jetting and Vacuum operations has been built especially for the Indian market and supplied to the Erode Corporation in the state of Tamilnadu.

The JETVAC by Whale India was commissioned by the organisation who had previously never owned a vacuum tanker, instead choosing to hire from private operators.

With sewer blockages a common and frequent problem across Erode city, the corporation found that the hired tankers they were using were increasingly unable to clear these blockages, causing an ongoing problem over several months.

Using the latest technology, Whale Tankers designed the JETVAC specifically to be able to clear and remove these problematic blockages quickly and efficiently, being able to clear even the heaviest of them on first go.

Assistant Engineer at Erode Corporation, Mr Somasundaram, who was responsible for the commissioning and trial of the new Whale JETVAC, commented: “we finally have a solution to what has been a rather long lasting problem. This is the first JETVAC we have taken delivery of from Whale India and we are extremely pleased to see how quickly it has been able to remove the blockages in Erode Bus Stand.”

The Whale JETVAC has a tank capacity of 9000 litres, with a 6000 litre clean water capacity for jetting and 3000 litre capacity for sludge. In addition to the powerful jetting pump and MISTRAL continuous duty vacuum pump with AIR-BALLAST Cooling, the tanker also includes features such as:

  • Tank Tipping (Up to 35 degrees)
  • Over head air assisted Boom with 300 Degree rotation
  • Self aligning hose reel
  • Hydraulic door open and close
  • Half inch, 30 metre secondary hose reel with hand lance gun
  • Low level water warning system with automatic water re-circulation for jetting pump protection
  • Hose tray