The Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation has now got 4 vehicles on roll manufactured from Whale Enterprise (P) Ltd   (A unit of Whale Tankers, UK) of which 2 machines are combination machines – jetting cum suction – COMBI WHALE and 2 no’s vacuum tankers – SUCKER WHALE.

The CombiWhale – 2 no’s are of two ranges –1.) A Budget Combi and 2.) The fully loaded both were commissioned by Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation – an organization which previously has 2 combination machines and 4 vacuum tankers. With expansion of the corporation area and increasing underground drainage facilities sewer blockages becomes a common and frequent problem across Coimbatore City, the corporation found that they have to buy more machines and the existing tankers they were using were increasingly unable to clear these blockages, causing an ongoing problem over several months.

Coimbatore Fully Loaded Tanker

Using the latest European technology, Whale Enterprise designed the CombiWhale specifically to be able to clear and remove these problematic blockages quickly and efficiently, being able to clear even the heaviest of them at the first attempt. Mounted on a 16 tonne Ashok leyland chassis, the CombiWhale is a powerful, multi-functional drain cleaning and jetting vehicle. It comes equipped with high pressure water jetting to clear private drains, with the vacuum tank also used to empty septic tanks.

The CombiWhale has a tank capacity of 9,000 litres, with a 6,000 litres clean water capacity for jetting and 3,000 litres capacity for sludge. It has a powerful jetting pump and continuous duty vacuum pump with AIR-BALLAST Cooling. The pumps are well protected with filters and safety critical valves.

The Fully Loaded COMBIWHALE, has many unique and user friendly features which makes it a first of its kind in India. The major highlights apart from many other constructional and functional advantages over the other vehicles, the fully loaded machine has smart controller which has a real time display of jetting water and records jetting pump on time, vacuum pump on time and hose engaged during the operation, a hose meter counter which displays hose on reel, GPS system, grid/ man hole lifter, de-oudizer and many other safety features, inter locks and alerts which makes it the first combination machine ever made in India of such a kind. The tanker also includes features such as tank tipping up to 35 degrees, a self-aligning hose reel, hydraulic door open and close, half inch, 30 metre secondary hose reel with hand lance gun, a low level water warning system with automatic water re-circulation for jetting pump protection and a hose tray .

THE SUCKER WHALE, comes with a 6000 Liters sludge tank made of high quality workmanship and fabrication processes. It has a continuous duty vacuum pump with air ballast to reduce heat and has a high flow of 9400 lpm suction. It has safety tank rings and has an imported door seal ensuring leaf proof and imported door clamps which its very unique. Pump is protected with a filter, line PRV and a logic valve. The secondary cut-off tank and de-oiler are its highlights.

Coimbatore City Tanker

Assistant Engineer at Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation, Mr. Ravi Kannan, who was responsible for the commissioning and trial of the new CombiWhale, commented: “We are proud to introduce such a high efficient machine which has many user friendly and safety features. This is the first time we have bought from Whale Enterprise and we are extremely pleased to see its outstanding performance in removing blockages.”

Executive Engineer of Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation, Mr. Laxmanan, said “Whale’s built quality is quite easily visible, the amount of work done on critical and safety aspects in their machines is phenomenal. These machines are very reliable and Whale’s after sales service support is good which gives more valve for our purchase.”

COIMBATORE CITY MUNICIPAL CORPORATION has presently issued work orders for carrying out 5 no’s of compact jetting machines – THE LITE JET PRO. These machines go on a pick-up truck and will have 1000 liters water capacity. The jetting pump will be powerful enough to cater to 2” to 8” sewer lines which are present in the narrow streets. These compact jetting machines is the ideal choice for narrow roads where the bigger machines cannot maneuver around. Public in these narrow streets have many such instances where the bigger machines cannot enter and the compact jetting machines are set provide them a hassle free environment.