The Ai1SUV – All In One Sewer Utility Vehicle is the latest innovation of Whale Enterprise’s well established range of Sewer cleaning equipment range.

It is a well packaged machine and is certainly an all rounder and multi purpose vehicle.

This machine has a high pressure jetting machine, vacuum suction machine, Road Side Open Drain Desilting machine , a manhole desilting machine and a power rodding machine.

This makes it a one stop solution for all problems that could possibly arise in any street or site right from manholes, UGDs, SWDs both open and closed types, also septage cleaning it does it all.

This also is an ideal machine for any ULB which is a first time buyer of such sewer cleaning equipment.

It hugely reduces capital and also operational and reduced labour cost instead of have separate machines for each type and problem.

This innovation from Whale comes from more than a decade of experience on field and site requirements for India and is MADE IN INDIA product. 

It has also gained appreciation from government and contractors who work in Swachh Bharat, AMRUT, SMART CITIES, SEPTAGE MANAGEMENT schemes and had done exhibitions and field demonstrations in major ULBs of India.

This first machine delivery is expected in Sept 2023 for an ULB in its home state Tamilnadu.