StockWhale S6400 : OVERVIEW

Truck Chassis: 16 tonnes GVW Hopper: 6.5m3 with Twin-Discharge System (Auxillary Engine Operation)

Sweep Format:

Dual Side Sweep (Left and Right) with Wide Sweep ‘Belly’ Brush and Dual-Suction Nozzles.

Optional : Overhead Wander Hose 4.2m Reach Available, 150mm and 200mm, Manual or Hydraulically-operated. *150mm Recommended


Sweep Path: Max 3,650mm. Sweep Speed: 2 to 16kph.

CANbus Intelligent Sweep System: Operator-friendly electronic controls.

JCB Auxiliary Engine: 63kW @ 2200rpm.

Auxiliary Fuel Tank: 160 Litres.

Clean Water Tank: 1600 Litres stainless steel tank

Low Pressure Dust Suppression Water System: 35 litres/min at 3.5 bar (50 PSI).

Optional : High Pressure Wash Water System: 30 litres/min at 150 bar (2200 PSI).

Service intervals: 500 hours

StockWhale S6400 : BODY

6.5m3 Capacity
Standard twin-discharge system comes with every Stock Sweeper. Should the auxiliary engine PTO (power take-off) fail, our equipment has its own independent electrical discharge system for additional use, if needed.


Body, Cowl and Rear Door – Stainless Steel
The body, cowl, and rear door are fully built with corrosion and abrasion-resistant stainless steel.


1600L of Clean Water
1600L as standard, with optional 250L – 4000L additional water tanks available. *Chassis dependant.


Double-Strength Subframe and Tipping Hinges
We know our sweepers have to be robust, and critical to the stability of the vehicle is its subframe and tipping hinges. Twice the typical steel is used, to ensure maximum stability on uneven ground.

StockWhale S6400 : SWEEP PATH


Side Brush

The side brush equipment is of a heavy-duty construction, and has brush speed control with ‘power-down’ ground pressure regulation fitted as standard. The ‘power-down’ feature enables the operator to scrub the road harder, to remove run-in and compacted dirt. The side brushes have fully adjustable sideways positioning and variable side brush rotation to ensure you sweep efficiently, even in awkward situations. The S6400 has an impressive overall sweep width of 3650mm and allows the S6400 to clean many roads in a single pass. At the push of a button, the kerb-top sweep function can be utilised in tight or difficult situations.


Wide Sweep Brush

The 400mm-diameter by 1300mm-long wide sweep brush has a fully adjustable ground pressure regulation system. The system is set on four regulators (two for left-hand sweeping and two for right-hand sweeping). This enables the operator to switch from left to right-hand sweeping operations without the need to leave the cab of the vehicle and readjust the brush. Fitted with ‘powerdown’ the wide sweep brushes performs efficiently on run-in and stubborn compacted dirt. The wide sweep brush canopy and guards are robustly constructed from 4mm powder-primed and powder-coated mild steel, ensuring maximum life expectancy.


Unique to our sweepers is our one-touch left-to-right sweep control system

StockWhale S6400 : WATER


Dust Suppression System

The self-priming, low-pressure water dust suppression pump ensures dust-free collection of all swept material. Water can be injected directly into the suction box, towards the side brush, and across the front of the vehicle. The dust suppression system delivers 35 litres/min at 3.5 bar (50 psi).


Optional : High Pressure Wash

For more arduous cleaning the high pressure water system incorporates a hand lance with 15 metres of hose, suction box spray bars, and wide sweep brush spray bar all delivering water at up to 30 litres/min at 150 bar (2,200 psi) precisely where it’s needed.

StockWhale S6400 : SUCTION


Nozzle Suction

The suction boxes are constructed of cast aluminium with a 4mm moulded vulcanized wear-resistant rubber lining. Each of the two boxes can be raised or lowered, and be tilted backwards at the flick of a switch, to make the pick-up of larger material effortless.


Optional : Overhead Suction

The overhead wander hose has a 4.2 metre reach that can be used for many operations; from cleaning catch-pits and road gullies, to picking litter and leaf collection. To ensure the wander hose does not become too heavy in operation, it is fitted with a counter- balancing spring system. The overhead wanderhose can also be hydraulically operated.


Screen Shakers ‘Healthy Airflow’

Rear mesh screen shakers are another standard fitment. They enable the operator to clean the rear screens every time the rear door is opened, both screens are lowered automatically making thorough washing of the screens an easy task. This is essential to maximise the sweepers suction and will minimise unnecessary engine and equipment wear. The screens can also be operated with the rear door closed using the ‘quick clean’ function. This is done by unclipping the handle and pulling down sharply on the rear cables, to shake the screens free from dirt and leaf build-up.

StockWhale S6400 : CONTROLS



CANbus Operating System

The S6400’s equipment is activated via an operator’s electronic CANbus control panel, which has been designed and installed with operator ergonomics in mind. The easy-to-use panel allows the operator to set their preferred settings, which are then activated by one-touch operation on the iSweep system, mounted near the driver’s door.



The touch sensitive control panel is conveniently mounted near the operator’s side window, helping to reduce the level of distraction to the operator to an absolute minimum. Full control simply rests at the operators finger tips.


Performance and Diagnostics

Our CANbus system monitors sweeping and auxiliary engine performance. It has full diagnostics to aid operators and technicians, perform routine checks, maintenance, and repairs.