Powerful and efficient drain removers

Secondary Cut-off Tank
Bigger particles which are suspended in air stream are removed there by protecting the pump from any damage caused. Also this acts as additional cut-off if Primary cut-off in tank fails.

Hose and Hose Tray
Hose Trays are suitable for storing 4 nos of 10 feet hose on each side.

Tank Rings for Safety
These rings are designed as per ASME Sec 8 code and is fully capable of handling rated vacuum and pressure.

Specially designed Door Clamps
Special design ensures the door can’t be opened when tank is under pressure. Also door clamps are ergonomically designed for easy handling.

Control Box
The Control Box consists of a pneumatic switch for PTO Engage and Dis-Engage, Speed Control ON/OFF switch and speed controller.

Vacuum Pump
These pumps are Imported from Italy and have Heat resistant vanes for Long life. They also come with INJET cooling for longer continuous operation.

The De-Oiler helps in removing oil from the exhaust before it is released to the atmosphere, thereby keeping the environment clean.

These are high efficient filters which protect the pump by stopping the dirt entering the pump. A longer pump life can therefore be expected by using our state-of-the-art filters.

PRV & Snifter Valve
These are highly safety critical components which are Lloyd’s Register approved. As the name implies pressure relief valve maintains a set pressure and the Snifter valve doesn’t allow any excessive vacuum then set vacuum level. This also is used to cool pump by letting air in.

Imported Door Seal
Imported door seal ensures perfect sealing of door against the tank. High quality rubber ensure a long life.

Inlet and Outlet 4” Ball Valve
Very reliable valve with NBR Seals for perfect vacuum and pressure sealing. Also Electro less Nickel plating ensures smooth operation without any jamming problem.

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