Whale Grabs is a compact lifting and disposal unit that fits on a small four-wheeler pick-up trucks such as Tata, AshokLeyland… This is ideally to suit narrow and small roads. The Wheel base of these units are very low so as to get a shorter turning radius and to manure easily.

Grabs is specially designed to clean silt and waste that’s gets deposited inside the manhole, deep down without letting the sewer water pass through the pipelines. A clear manhole until the pipe line solves a great deal of problems in the sewer network.

This equipment consists of a arm grab bucket and a winch arrangements to grab silt deep inside the manhole. There is a hopper in the rear to store the silt and the same can be transported to disposal sites and dumped using the tipping arrangement. All functions are performed by manual hydraulics valves.

See the working video of Whale Grabs here:


It is highly economical considering certain alternatives such as the robotic method where a robot with a similar arm has to be carried through a separate truck (much bigger than the pickup truck used in Grabs) and then has 3 to 4 man power to get it unloaded at the site, after removal of silt a separate truck has to come to pick up the silt and transported. Considering this methodology, a Grabs does all three jobs in this one machine.

Whale Grabs is a great deal technically and commercially for the municipal manhole cleaning ensuring high functionality, practicality and ergonomic design.

Whale Grabs Leaflet