The Whale scoop ideally termed as the RODD machine – Roadside Open Drain Desilting machine or as per the local terminology – The Open Nalah Cleaning machine is mounted on a LCV majorly a 7 to 9 ton variant of the Tata / Ashok Leyland. The machine is particularly designed for cleaning open drainage canals, storm water drain in cities and municipalities.

The actual function of a stormwater Drain – Open/Closed types both are for letting the rainwater during heavy monsoon to drain out. However in the present scenario these drains have been polluted and lot of silt deposits gets accumulated preventing it from serving its purpose.

This is where the Whale Scoop comes in for recovery, the vehicle is parked parallel to the canals/drains and by the lateral movement of the dipstick enables the bucket to be placed in the centre of the drain to desilt through without damaging the side wall. Four stabilizer legs are provided for reliable and safe operation. The buckets are available in 3to 5 types, suitable size bucket is used to scoop out the slurry and clear the passage & flow of the open drain.

The detailing of Whale Scoop goes upto providing teeth made from tough steel for excellent digging operations. The hopper comes with a tipping facility to unload the slurry on the disposal sites. The hopper has a waterproof seal so as to avoid water spillage during transportations of slurry.

The working video of Whale Scoop is available here:


It is undoubtedly the best solution for open drainage cleaning Whale Scoop is the ideal RODD Machine.