The WHALE LiteJet is a jetting unit designed to either fit into a small LCV such as the Tata, Piaggio or Mahindra, all of which are ideally suited for narrow roads and confined spaces where a tight turning radius is required.

Additionally they may also be used as a stand-alone static or trolley unit dependant on customer requirements. The powerful triplex jetting pump has been incorporated into the overall design so its performance is suitable for a range of cleaning processes: dislodging and removal of obstructions, unblocking underground sewer lines up to a diameter of 300mm, general pipe and cleaning operations, or as a dedicated floor cleaner.

Thanks to the innovative design of both the units’ tubular structure frame and HDPE water tank, it is very lightweight,

thus optimising the capacity of water that can be transported and enabling the unit to operate the jetter for a longer period of time. The controls have been ergonomically designed to ensure operator comfort whilst also having a number of safety features included. The unit comes equipped with an extensive range of standard equipment, but a wide choice of unique options and accessories are also available.

All these benefits ensure this is an ideal jetting unit suitable for a cross section of cleaning activities and it is competitively priced.

A great deal of attention has been paid to both the functionality and design of the new WhaleLitejet ensuring the unit is attractive for both starting and professional sewer-jetting specialists.

Please feel free to look at our LiteJet brochure

Standard Features

Diesel Engine
Equipped with a high power Lombardini diesel engine 17 HP (12.5 KW) rating. Fitted with electric start.
Jetting Pump
High pressure triplex pump ‘maintenance-free` with ceramic plungers, having a jetting pressure of 200 bar (2900 PSI) and water capacity of 30 l/min.
Fuel Tank
Diesel fuel tank 10 Litres capacity.
Water Tank
Light weight cast HDPE water tank with a modular design for greater strength and having the ability to add additional tanks. With a large 500 Litre capacity, transparent to indicate water level and a top lid for filling.
Dry Run Protection
Low level water cut off protection is provided which operates when water reaches a low level giving protection to the HP jetting pump.
Water Filter & PRV
The unit has a number of safety features incorporated both for protection of the jetting system and the operator these included a fine filter suction strainer, pressure relief valve safety system and emergency stop.
A tubular designed, high strength frame allows a robust construction whilst keeping weight to a minimum. The frame is provided with a durable industrial paint coating.
Operator and maintenance manuals, complete with full safety operating instructions are provided at the time of commission in both English and Tamil. A twelve month warranty on the equipment is also provided.


Optional Features

Jetting Pulsation
“Pulse Jetting” rapidly increases the pressure and flow in pulses, allowing more stubborn obstructions to be broken down, and also the reduced weight of the water in the hose allows for the hose to travel a further distance.


Standard & Optional Features

Jetting hose and Reel
30 metres of flexible and kink resistant sewer jetting hose with wear-resistant and smooth exterior, is supplied as standard, on a 60 metre capacity hose reel. This allows the option of supplying a longer hose length if required.
Jetting Accessories
The unit comes complete with 1 forward facing Arzino (egg) nozzle and, 1 Arzino (egg) retro nozzle. A hand lance with spray nozzle for wash down or for the removal of light graffiti is offered as an option.