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A High Power Sewer Suction Machine

The SuperSucker extends Whale Enterprise’s already well respected range of liquid waste and cleansing equipment. Built using a part kit supplied and with the expertise and back-up of the well-established EUROVAC, a division of WHALE TANKERS UK group since 2011.

The EUROVAC SuperSucker is a full combination machine which is well able to operate in deep sewers using air conveyance technology to remove blockages and debris. This machine combines over 30 years of expertise in the manufacture of sewer cleaning equipment with the latest innovative solutions, providing a highly rugged and reliable machine.

Now having the support and experience of Eurovac with its experience of exports into INDIA, plus a well-developed range of options, Whale is confident that they have an essential piece of equipment for many industrial contractors and municipality customers alike.

With the standard specification including up to a 4500 m3/hr free air rotary lobe blower pump with either 18” or 24” hg of vacuum, driven by a compact auxiliary engine generating up to 120 Kw, with a jetting system with options up to 346 Lpm flow driven from the truck PTO and a 200mm/8” or 150mm/6” Nominal bore hydraulically operated heavy duty, rotating and telescopic boom, providing this machine with enough power and versatility to take on the widest range of contracts and deep balanced lifts in excess of 100 metres.



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