Product range and specifications

Water Tank
Saddle style optimising capacity and incorporating anti surge baffles, sectional man access, sight glass at rear, piped external loading facility with surge protection and having an internal anti-corrosion lining.
Main Hose Reel
A large capacity drum capable of storing 200 metres of 1” jetting hose. It can be rotated hydraulically through 90 degrees, having a variable hydraulic speed control for delivery and jetting hose recovery. It also comes with two work lights fitted.
Overhead Boom
Stowed at the rear fitted with either 6” or 8” Heavy Duty hose running on aluminium cast rollers, incorporating bronze bushes. Hydraulically swivelling through 320 degrees also having an up/down and telescopic extend and retract facility, all operated through a six button pendant control.
Acoustic power enclosure
Having four large opening doors allowing maximum access for storage whilst also housing the auxiliary engine, blower and HP jetting pump. All panels including doors and floors are acoustically lined to minimise environmental noise.
Eurovac designed twin stage acoustic air silencer. These silencers have been developed to maximise the noise reduction associated with the vacuum blower air exhaust.
Sewer Jetting Nozzles
A range of special developed high performance Eurovac nozzles are supplied with each vehicle. They include sand, sanitary, medium sewer and small bomb ensuring a wide range of applications can be performed. All come jetted to suit the HP jetting pump fitted.
Safety Equipment Circuits
The vacuum and jetting circuits are fitted with a number of protection and safety features. The Vacuum system has a relief valve, large overspill tank, Debris high level vent and inline filter. The jetting circuit has a PRV, low water alarm and a recirculating system fitted.